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Acne Treatment | Matsuda Dermatology | Honolulu HIAcne is common among many people all over the United States. When not treated, it can lead to scarring. Here at the dermatology practice of Drs. Matsuda and Sheu in Honolulu, HI, people with acne can take advantage of a revolutionary system designed to treat acne – the Theraclear System.

What is acne?

Acne is the most common skin condition affecting millions of people all over the United States. The condition involves the skin’s sebaceous (oil) glands. The pores on the skin are connected to these glands by follicles. Within the follicles, oil produced by the glands carries dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. If a follicle is clogged, it may become inflamed. Acne is characterized by pimples, redness, blackheads, whiteheads, and nodules. It is not dangerous, but it can cause permanent, unsightly scarring.

What causes acne?

Acne is commonly caused by changes in the body as individuals mature from childhood to puberty. Hormones that cause the body to mature physically also trigger the skin’s sebaceous glands to produce more oil. This excess oil (sebum) and retained dead skin cells in the follicles can lead to acne.

Bacteria from the skin enters the clogged follicles and multiple,  causing redness, pus, and swelling. In some cases, they may progress to pustules and deep nodules.

Other causes of acne may include cosmetics, prescription medication and hormonal diseases.

What are the effects of acne to an individual?

Acne does not only affect a person’s physical appearance, but it also has psychological effects. It can reduce an individual’s self-esteem as well as his or her interest in interacting with others.

What happens when acne is not treated?

Mild acne typically resolves over time. Scarring may or may not be present with mild acne.

Without treatment, moderate to severe acne may cause two types of scars: hypertrophic scars (raised scars) and pitted or depressed scars.

To prevent scarring, it is important to seek early treatment.

How is acne treated?

Cleansing the face with the use of a gentle cleaner can help treat acne. Using oil-free products is also important for those with acne.

Acne can be treated with the use of three kinds of drugs: benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, and retinoids. Depending on the severity of the condition, a person may require more than one agent to treat acne.

Benzoyl peroxide can be bought at local drug stores as an over-the-counter product. It targets bacteria that usually worsen acne.

Antibiotics can be taken by mouth or applied to the skin. They target bacteria and reduce skin inflammation. Clindamycin, doxycycline and minocycline are some of the antibiotics used in acne treatment.

Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives. Because they are both therapeutic and preventative, retinoids can be used alone or combined with other agents to make treatment more effective. For more severe cases of acne, the oral retinoid, isotretinoin (Accutane) may be considered.

The Theraclear system is another form of acne treatment. It is widely used all over the country and in the office of Drs. Matsuda and Sheu to treat acne effectively.

What is the Theraclear acne treatment?

The Theraclear acne system is a non-invasive and non-surgical method of treating acne. It utilizes pulsed light technology coupled with suction to open the skin’s pores and free them of oils, bacteria, and dead skin cells.  The pulsed light is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

Who are good candidates for Theraclear treatment?

Theraclear acne treatment is ideal for those with moderate to severe acne and people with large pores and oily skin. It is also intended for patients who have tried other treatment methods that were not successful. Patients who want to avoid side effects of medications or pain involved in acne extraction can benefit from Theraclear as well.

How does the Theraclear system work?

During the treatment a small handheld device is used and placed over the target site. Bacteria that cause acne are removed by vacuum technology. Bursts of therapeutic light are then blasted to the treatment area to eliminate bacteria further. The light also reduces the production of oil with its photodynamic action. Moreover, endogenous porphyrins are activated by the broadband light to destroy acne.

What are its features?

The Theraclear acne treatment system has the following features.

  • little to no discomfort
  • very minimal to no downtime
  • reduces pore size
  • does not cause scarring
  • does not have long-term side effects
  • can be used on all types of skin
  • quick treatments (full facial treatment can be completed in less than 30 minutes)

What makes Theraclear treatments effective?

Theraclear targets plugged pores and acne-causing bacteria. It is FDA approved for treating acne.

How many Theraclear treatments do I need?

Multiple treatments may be needed to achieve optimal results. Since every individual is different, the number of treatments required varies and depends on the severity of the condition.

What can I expect after my Theraclear treatment?

Most people usually experience minor bruising or swelling immediately after treatment. This typically lasts for a couple of hours to one day. The majority of people notice their skin to be less oily and drier immediately following treatment. Current acne breakouts usually start to clear up over the next 48 hours. Full results can be appreciated within a week of receiving treatment.

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