Acne Scars

Acne Scars Before & AfterAcne scars are a common but treatable condition. There have been many new advances in improving the appearance of acne scars. Dr. Matsuda and Dr. Sheu in Honolulu, HI offer many different treatment options.

Why do acne scars occur?

Not everyone who has acne develops scars but some people have a genetic tendency to do so. Each person has a unique response to the inflammation that occur with acne. This explains why some people have a greater tendency to scar than others.

How do I prevent them?

Acne is a very common skin condition that can occur for several years. Getting your acne under control is the best way of preventing scarring. Many good treatments are available and consistently using these topical therapies every day to clear active acne is a must. It is also important to avoid picking or squeezing your pimples which can sometimes make scarring worse. The use of daily sunscreen can minimize acne causing discoloration.

Dermatologists are physicians who specialize in skin problems and can offer many treatment options to better control your acne and reduce future scarring. Don’t delay in getting help!

What can you do about acne scars?

Acne scars are permanent marks or irregularities of the skin that can look like pits, depressions or bumps. Not all therapies are the same and will need to be tailored to your specific type of scarring.

For example, a small deep pitted scar may respond best to surgical removal. Thicken scars called hypertrophic scars often respond well to steroid injections. If you have different types of scars, you may need a customized treatment plan incorporating several different therapies.

There are also a number of laser treatment options. More aggressive laser therapies including CO2 and Er:Yag lasers work well. They may require 1- 3 sessions and time off from work or school during healing.

Often, because of minimal downtime and less discomfort, the less aggressive nonablative laser including the 1540 Cynosure/Palomar laser may be a good choice for some people. These types of lasers can treat a variety of different scarring. Good results can be achieved with series of treatments. You can expect some redness and a little swelling for a few day but most people are able to return to work or school within a day or two.

Other treatments have been employed including chemical peels, dermabrasion, skin needling, freezing, minor surgical procedures such as subcision, and filler injections.

What can you expect with treatment?

These treatments are designed to minimize the appearance of acne scars. Although acne scars are permanent, treatments can diminish a scar’s unsightliness. However, there are no guarantees and the extent of improvement is variable. Acne scars will not be totally gone but your skin will look smoother.

Before choosing the best treatment options, your physician will be considering not only the type of acne scars you have but also your skin type and color and how to optimize your results to encourage faster healing. Be sure to have a discussion about possible adverse reactions, cost and potential downtime.

There are no miracle treatments, but the new advances for acne and acne scars make treatment worth pursuing.

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