Clear + Brilliant in Honolulu, HI

No one can escape the aging process; everyone has to go through it. When the aging process begins to affect the skin, people may look older than their real age. Fortunately, there are ways to address these signs. A unique and revolutionary way of enhancing aging skin, the Clear + Brilliant technology has put fractional laser skin treatment technology to a whole new level. Our dermatology clinic in Honolulu, HI provides this type of service to our patients with the expert guidance of Dr. Matsuda and Dr. Sheu.

What is Clear + Brilliant?clearandbrilliant-device-frontview

A safe, non-invasive procedure, the Clear + Brilliant technology makes use of gentle laser light to fight the unwanted effects of skin aging. It also prevents the appearance of these signs. It is a simple treatment that offers desirable effects to patients. Moreover, it has been proven safe to use by the FDA and has already received CE marking.

What does the Clear + Brilliant treatment do?

Clear + Brilliant helps you battle the early signs of aging. Gentle laser treatment sessions are provided by an experienced laser technician under the direction of Drs. Matsuda and Sheu. Each session usually lasts for 20-30 minutes only. After each treatment, you can see a noticeable change in your skin as it appears younger, smoother, and more radiant.

The C+B Original improves the tone and texture of the skin as it evens out the skin by minimizing pores. The C+B Permea helps reduce sun-induced pigmentation. Repeated treatments may be advised in order to achieve your desired outcome.

How does Clear + Brilliant work?

The Clear + Brilliant therapy makes use of a gentle laser energy that creates millions of treatment zones on the outer layers of the skin. This allows the damaged skin to be replaced with new and healthier ones.

Is Clear + Brilliant right for me?

Anyone may be able to benefit from this treatment, especially those who aim for a more rejuvenated skin. For dramatic corrections, however, other alternative options such as CO2 Lasers including Fraxel may give you more significant effects but also much longer healing time. The Clear + Brilliant treatment can help reverse the early signs of aging and produce the youthful glow in your face with minimal downtime. Best results occur after six treatments. Maintenance treatments may be helpful to extend the younger look of your skin.

Am I a good candidate for the Clear + Brilliant procedure?

You may be a good candidate for this treatment if you:

  • Already have or still planning to start a skin care routine to counter or prevent the effects of aging to your skin
  • Desire to maintain a fresh and younger-looking appearance
  • Want to boost the results of your skin care routine
  • Do not prefer invasive procedures such as cosmetic surgeries or other aggressive skin resurfacing treatments

How does a typical Clear + Brilliant treatment go?

Each treatment session usually takes half an hour. You are made as comfortable as possible as your health care provider applies a topical numbing cream to the target area before treatment begins.

Guiding a Clear + Brilliant hand piece, the skin care professional delivers treatment on target areas on the skin. This step usually takes at least 15 minutes.

The Clear + Brilliant treatment also utilizes a patented intelligent technology called the Optical Tracking System (IOTS) that helps ensure all of the target areas are treated uniformly.

Immediately after the C+B treatment, special serums with vitamins are placed on the treated skin.

What results can I expect from a Clear + Brilliant treatment?

Results for any treatment vary from patient to patient. However, the majority of Clear + Brilliant patients have reported a more “radiant glow” to their skin after every treatment. Other clinical results include:

  • Noticeably illuminated skin
  • Smoother and softer skin texture
  • A natural-looking radiance to the skin
  • Reduced appearance of pores on the face
  • Reduced areas of discoloration

What can I expect immediately after the procedure?

The Clear + Brilliant treatment uses a very gentle method in order to minimize the appearance of side effects commonly seen with conventional laser methods. However, some redness and inflammation may be noticed immediately after the administration of treatment, but they are temporary and usually go away within 2-3 days.

Patient Testimonials


My friends say that I look younger and my skin is more vibrant. I do feel better about myself. Before I would never go out without makeup, now I’m more comfortable being seen without anything on.
– Charmaine, 62 years old

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