How to Have Healthier Skin This Fall Season

41485934The longer days of summer is about to end! Fall is now making its presence known with colder temperatures and the green leaves starting to change its colors to hues of yellow, red, orange, brown and even blue! Here at our practice, breakouts and skin discolorations are the most common concerns during fall.

Before the season comes into full swing, here’s a quick yet effective guide to autumn-proofing your skin!

  • Focus more on exfoliation. The colder temperatures of the season makes it difficult for your skin to shed dead skin cells. Thus, your skin may benefit from extra exfoliation efforts on your end.
  • Ramp up on moisturizers. If you’ve been using a light moisturizer for summer, the fall season may call for a different type of moisturizer. Look for moisturizing products that also act as a skin barrier which in turn prevents your skin from drying out.
  • Rehydrate often. You don’t have to drink anything fancy, plain water will do.
  • Keep using sunscreen. Many people tend to relax on their sunscreen habits once summer is over. Do not let the dark skies or cooler temperatures of fall fool you into believing that harmful UV rays are not there.
  • Schedule an appointment with us here at Matsuda Dermatology! The fall season is the perfect time to undergo non-surgical skin care treatments such as chemical peels and laser sessions. You’ll have glowing skin just in time for the holidays!

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