How We Deal with Cysts

cystsCysts. Just the name is ugly. And cysts fit the bill.

Cysts are noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material. Cysts develop as a result of an infection, from clogging of the sebaceous glands (cystic acne), or around foreign bodies such as earrings. They are common, can feel like large peas under the skin’s surface, and usually, don’t require much attention. But sometimes they do. Here’s some info on when Dr. Matsuda or Dr. Sheu should remove that cyst.

When should you have a cyst removed?

Most cysts are like squatters living back in the jungle on your 200 acre-spread. They don’t do much; they keep to themselves, and they can usually be left alone. But in cases where they are inflamed, rupture, or become infected it’s usually a good idea to take them off.

How we remove cysts at Matsuda

How we remove a cyst is dependent upon its location and type.

  • Aspiration— For this method, we may inject the cysts with an enzyme solution to make the cyst contents easier to remove. We then insert a needle and drain out the contents of the cyst. Afterwards, we may inject the cyst with a steroid to make it go the way of the passenger pigeon.
  • Injections — Inflamed cysts can be injected with a steroid or triamcinolone acetonide to minimize the inflammation and cause the cyst to shrink.
  • Incision and drainage— Simply put, we cut the cyst open and drain out its contents. With this method, however, the cyst often returns.
  • Excision— Obviously, this is the surest way to make the cyst go away. But we can’t cut it out if the cyst is still inflamed. We have to treat that first.
  • Minimal excision— To minimize scarring, we use a tiny incision if possible, drain the cyst, and then totally remove it through the same small incision.

Do you have a per-cyst-ent growth? Call the team at Matsuda, 808-949-7568, and let’s take a look at it.