What to Look For When Looking for the Right Dermatologist

Finding the right dermatologist for your specific needs and preferences may be quite frustrating at first. Initially, you might find yourself bombarded with too many names of dermatologists in your area and left wondering which of these doctors can actually help you deal with your skin concerns.

By and large, finding the right dermatologist entails a bit of research on your end. We have outlined a quick guide below to help you find the right skin doctor out of hundreds of choices in Honolulu  and consequently help you obtain your desired outcomes.

Understanding What a Dermatologist Does

First of all, it pays to understand first what exactly a dermatologist does. A general dermatologist can diagnose and treat all conditions that has to do with the skin such as acne, psoriasis, skin cancer, eczema, and nail problems. In addition, they can also help patients deal with the physical signs of aging and create a personalized skin care plan based on their cosmetic concerns and lifestyle.

Dermatologists can have their own set of subspecialties ranging from cosmetic dermatology to Moh’s surgery (a specific type of cancer) to skin care research.

When finding the right dermatologist in Honolulu, we suggest that you look for the following:

    • Check for board-certification. All doctors can claim that they can provide dermatological services but board-certified dermatologists are actually required to pass written and oral exams as well as undergo internship through a dermatology residency program. In addition, board-certified dermatologists are also required to stay up to date with the newest trends in dermatology by attending conferences.
  • Experience in your specific concern
  • Level of comfort during the initial consultation
  • How the dermatologist reacts to your concerns – Does he or she actively listens? Does he or she thoroughly explains the procedure and answers questions in detail?
  • Clinic location and hours

Ultimately, finding the right dermatologist is all about finding someone who will treat you more than just a patient. Here at our Honolulu dermatology practice, we understand that each individual is different and we make it a point to provide meticulously-personalized treatment plans.

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