Patient Testimonials

I went to have some sun spots removed and one looked like a skin tag or bump above my eyebrow.  Dr Matsuda removed it and diagnosed it as skin cancer!  Without her expertise and extensive experience as a dermatologist it may have gone undetected or misdiagnosed had I gone to some other service.  I am so thankful that I sought out Dr. Matsuda!

Cindy, 62 years old

Dr. Sheu is a miracle worker! What I thought was amazing was that she quelled my eczema after having seen 7 other dermatologist without improvment.

Skylar, 14 years old

I had a terrible itchy for years! It didn’t seem important enough to see the doctor. I scratched several times a day. The itching was so annoying, almost unbearable. Finally, I made an appointment and had the problem evaluated and treated. The problem was solved! I should have come earlier.

Eve, 65 year old

Clear + Brilliant Laser

I am very happy with the results. My complexion was so yucky before.
The bumps on the skin were so awful that I couldn’t apply blush with a brush. Now my skin is so much smoother.

Sandra, 68 years old

Environ Skin Care

My friends said, “Heh, how come your skin looks so smooth?”
I hadn’t told my golfing buddies that I had started using AVST cream to my face. My wife noticed something different and asked me about it. Now she has started using AVST cream too. Even my daughter uses it. And recently, my sister on the mainland noticed that my skin looked good and she is going to try it. People tell me that I look 10 years younger.

Stan, 73 years old

Stan started this simple healthy skin care program after experiencing a sun related skin cancer. He is also using AVST oil and AVST lotion to both forearms because of increasing skin fragility and bruising. He commented, “I used to have thin skin and red bruises but no longer since I started using the lotions”

Stella Matsuda, M.D.

I am receiving lots of compliments; even my sisters noticed. I used to have brown spots and lot of freckles and black moles on my face. One complimented me, saying ‘your face is very nice… glowing’.

Grace, 78 years old

The ACM home peel kit really helped to control breakouts, reduce redness, and improve the texture of my skin!

Lei, 64 years old

I love the ACM peel! No longer need to depend on medications for a while. Rosacea stays under better control.

M.L., 62 years old

After the chemical peel, my skin feels smooth, clean and rejuvenated. Family and friends have commented me on a brighter skin glow. Ansje’s procedure is calming and relaxing and her facial pressure point massage relieves tension–awesome!

S. O., 66 years old

Other skin care








This patient is 93 years old! She has never had any plastic surgery, botox, fillers, or other cosmetic procedures. Dr. Matsuda removed a few brown spots with TCA (tricholoroacetic acid) over 20 years ago. She then, she has been very diligent with her home skin care routine using Renova and Neostrata Gel Plus (15% glycolic acid exfoliating gel) with 2% hydroquinone  and getting amazing results! Home care can really make a huge difference in your results whether you are maintaining or treating your skin concerns.

Stella Matsuda, M.D.

Hyperhidrosis of armpits

For me, the botulinum toxin injection reduced the underarm sweating and completely eliminated the recurring rash. In terms of my comfort, it has made a big difference. Because of my job, it is important for me to appear calm and professional. It has made a huge difference! I love it! I even told my daughter about it.

Jan, 56 years old

Keloids treated with Kenalog injections

When I was told by my regular physician to see a dermatologist, I said really?! I didn’t know that something could be done about painful keloids. I suffered all this time in vain. I am just amazed! I can’t believe I lived with the pain so many years.

Joyce, 69 years old

Photodynamic Therapy for Actinic Keratosis (Precancers)

The PDT results are excellent. There is temporary discomfort for a long term quality effect. I prefer it over Efudex cream… which was too long and I looked ugly. … the PDT’s result was better and quicker.

The first PDT was kind of scary because I didn’t know what to expect. But the nurse talked me through it. The intensity of the heat increased the first 5 minutes but it was over quickly.

After the first 5 minutes, the discomfort was bearable. I looked like I had a sunburn and healed fast. My recommendation is to use lots of aloe and ice compresses and after 2 days, its fine. I prefer this treatment. 

Cornelia, 65 years old

Remarkable. Just complete Photodynamic Therapy for a spot on my face that was not responding to conventional treatment; and surgery was only an option of last resort. The entire process took about an hour. Dr. Matsuda has clearly adjusted this developing technology to achieve the desired results with a minimum of patient discomfort. The spot is gone and shows no early signs of recurring.

W. L., 74 years old

Botulinum Toxin

I went to see Dr. Matsuda because I needed some aesthetic assistance for crows feet. I was unsure of what I needed and she made some recommendations, sent me to websites to learn more about the procedures and together we decided on the best course of action for me.  The results were great! Very natural looking which was very important to me.

Cindy, 62 years old

 Restylane / Botulinum Toxin

It’s Amazing!!! Now my cheeks are even and better defined. Even my daughter noticed the improvement and said “WOW, Mom”

Gayle, 52 years old

Dr. Matsuda has given me a more youthful appearance that looks so natural! This has boosted my confidence in social interactions. My improved appearance has also encouraged me to exercise & eat well to improve my overall well being. I am totally satisfied with the results!”

Judy, 68 years old

 Botulinum Toxin / Radiesse / Restylane

I’m very please with the procedure, the attention to details and care. The procedure went extremely well with very little bruising. The follow up care really impressed me and I love the results.

Barbara, 75 years old


I am very happy with the results. People think I look really young. They thought I was 40 years old, when I am really 62.

Danielle, 63 years old

 Ultherapy / Facial Fillers

I lost more than 10 pounds a year ago and no one said anything. After the Ulthera treatment over my lower face and a little filler, people began to comment, “You lost weight!” I noticed the loose skin under my chin and in the neck had tightened.

Judy, 66 years old

I am very pleased with the results with Radiesse and Ultherapy. I noticed the lift! Someone asked if I was the younger sister…I am actually 8 years older.

G, age 69